Steel Frame Homes: Pros and Cons

Steel Frame Homes: Pros and Cons

Ultimately, the decision to build a steel frame home should be based on careful consideration of the pros and cons, as well as personal preferences and budget. With the right planning, construction, and maintenance, a steel frame home can provide a long-lasting and innovative housing option. You can also use these prebuilt designs to customize your steel frame house. If you’re interested in availing of one of them, you may see these examples. Steel is definitely used to build our houses – wall panels, pipes and all – but are they simply design components?

houses made of steel construction

Metal is not flammable, which means the house will not give a fire more fuel, like a wooden home would do. Steel house frames are also 25 percent lighter than wooden house frames. Over the past five years, an increase in the use of metal buildings as homes has allowed Worldwide Steel Buildings to refine its simple, specialized building system.

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If you’re concerned a steel home might feel cold or impersonal, don’t worry. You won’t feel like you’re living in a pole barn or a quonset hut (… unless you want to). Thanks to the versatility of our interior finish options, the living quarters of a steel building can be customized to look and feel just like a traditional home. One effective way for a homeowner to counteract this problem is to wrap insulation board around the steel beams, in addition to typical insulation between studs. Another option is using hybrid steel/wood frames, which take advantage of both steel and wood’s strength, durability, and support benefits. A local insulation contractor will be able to tell which solution fits your home.

  • Insulation is installed between the steel studs, which creates a thermal barrier and helps to make steel frame houses more energy efficient.
  • The architects and engineer teamed with the United States Steel Corporation and Bethlehem Steel who helped fund the project, hoping to develop new markets for their products.
  • We supply the sheet metal, and you can supply your other building materials.
  • Only by understanding the problem fully, are we able to develop innovative solutions to these issues.
  • You won’t feel like you’re living in a pole barn or a quonset hut (… unless you want to).

This process is typically faster and more efficient than traditional wood-framing methods. When you hear about using steel in construction, you may think of tall commercial buildings. But steel framing is actually becoming more popular in homes—and for a few good reasons. This includes regular inspections to check for rust or corrosion, proper ventilation to prevent moisture buildup, and prompt repairs to any damage that may occur over time. With the right care and maintenance, a steel frame house can last for many years, making it a wise investment for those looking for a durable and long-lasting housing option.

Amid an increasingly volatile economic climate, homeowners continue to look for ways to build affordable new homes that will stay affordable, no matter what happens next in the market. To accomplish this, many people are turning to high-quality metal home-building kits, like those you can design and build with Worldwide Steel. Steel frame houses offer several advantages over traditional wood-framed houses. They are more durable and resistant to moisture, termites, and fire, and they require less maintenance over time. Steel frame houses are also more energy-efficient and are often constructed faster than wood-framed houses.

The idea of using metal to frame homes began in the 19th century in Europe, but they were using cast iron for the frames instead. Then Chicago industrialist Carl Strandlund thought he could solve the housing crisis in the United States with prefabricated porcelain-enameled steel. If you are interested in building a steel-framed house with an architect, please consult with our experts . Steel frame construction can be used not only for new housing, but also for renovating old interiors to make them more livable and fresh.


Metal building homes are a smart and cost-effective alternative to traditional home construction. They’re among the most durable buildings out there, and they have the added benefits of cost-effective square footage, low-maintenance living, customizable floor plans, and long-term energy efficiency. As previously mentioned, the nature of metal building homes is unique when compared to other structures. That’s why not every contractor has the special knowledge required for the proper installation of steel frames. Whether you plan to use prefabricated kits, customize one, or build a metal home from scratch, you must learn the advantages and disadvantages of metal buildings. The refined design of this project stands today as a tribute to the imagination and skills of the collaborators.

Steel is about 25% lighter than wood, and framing’s installation becomes significantly faster when using a lighter material. Since time is money in construction, getting your building completed sooner or earlier than the set completion date translates to a significant amount of savings. We are a leading provider of disaster-resistant steel frames for homeowners and builders alike in the US. The curing of the concrete slab required much of the time; ironically, the interior finishes took more time than the assembly of the metal shell. The homes featured simple open plans and each house contained a living room, dining room, kitchen, den/study, and two bedrooms and baths.

Cons of a Metal Building Home

Since it is easy to expand a steel framed building, you can always make changes to your structure later as your business or family grows. Our steel frame home building kits are completely customizable to give you the floor plan of your dream home, without breaking your budget. Your home’s exterior can be designed however you wish, so it does not need to look like a large metal shack; you can make it look as ornate as the Colonial down the street. Steel buildings are also easier to expand upon than traditional buildings.

Steel frame homes have many advantages over traditional homes, making them a popular choice for those seeking a durable, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly housing option. Most steel frame structures are evident based on their loft space and roof. Therefore, even though a steel frame home may have a higher upfront cost, it can be more cost-effective in the long term. You can circumvent this problem by adding a wooden frame for the roof of a steel-framed home if you want a particular design.

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